What materials are suitable for commonly used LED light heat sinks?

Aluminum alloy heat dissipation modules for street lights, plant grow lights, and car headlights. Common aluminum extrusions include: 1. Aluminum extrusion heat sink 2. Aluminum extrusion light tube heat sink Characteristics of aluminum extrusions: 1. **Corrosion Resistance** - Aluminum extrusions have a density of only 2.7 g/cm³, about one-third that of steel, copper, or brass (7.83 g/cm³, 8.93 g/cm³, respectively). Under most environmental conditions, including air, water (or saltwater), petrochemical, and many chemical systems, aluminum demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance. 2. **Electrical Conductivity** - Due to its excellent electrical conductivity, aluminum extrusions are often chosen. On an equal weight basis, aluminum’s conductivity is nearly twice that of copper.

Exhibition at 36th ASEAN Building and Technology Expo 2024

We specialize in R&D and manufacturing of architectural, industrial, decorative and CNC processing profiles. and now we focus on the development and production of CNC machining products and provide high-quality customized machining services.

The Indonesian exhibition concluded perfectly

As the Indonesian exhibition comes to a successful close, looking back, we have harvested friendship and learned the importance of cherishing it. Although the exhibition is now in the past, our bonds will accompany us towards a brighter future! We welcome more customers to communicate with us online and visit our factory offline.

Aluminium Heat Sink

Functions and roles of aluminum profile heat sinks

Brazil Exhibition and Dubai Exhibition

As industry professionals explored the booth, they were enthralled by the superior craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in each product. Sheungyin Harvest Aluminium's aluminum doors and windows, curtain walls, and office partitions stood as shining examples of innovation and functionality, earning accolades for their seamless integration of aesthetic appeal and performance.

Why should you choose a reputable industrial aluminum profile manufacturer?

In summary, when selecting an industrial aluminum profile supplier, consider their capabilities, equipment, customization options, and their suitability for your specific requirements. According to the export data analysis of China Customs, the most powerful aluminum product manufacturer in China's aluminum profile production enterprises is Sheungyin Harvest Aluminium Co., Ltd.

The advantages of aluminum alloy bicycle frames are as follows

Lightweight: Aluminum alloy is a lightweight material compared to other materials such as steel. This makes aluminum alloy bicycle frames relatively light, contributing to improved maneuverability and comfort during riding. Strength and rigidity: Despite its lightweight nature, aluminum alloy possesses high strength and rigidity. It allows the bicycle frame to withstand substantial forces and pressures, providing a stable support structure. This enhances safety and stability during riding. Corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, enabling it to withstand moisture, oxygen, and other corrosive factors. This ensures that aluminum alloy bicycle frames maintain their appearance and performance even in harsh environments. Good formability: Aluminum alloy has excellent formability, allowing it to be shaped using various manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, casting, and forging. This versatility enables the production of complex shapes and designs for bicycle frames. Aesthetic appeal and color options: Aluminum alloy bicycle frames have a visually appealing look and can be enhanced with various surface treatments like anodizing and electrostatic coating to offer a range of colors and improved durability. This allows for aesthetic customization and personalization.

How much do you know about the commonly used aluminum profile accessories?

Prehensive aluminum profile factory specializing in the development, design, and manufacturing of aluminum extrusions. Covering an area of ovel 30,000 square meters, we operate 10 extrusion lines and more than 20 precision machining centers and have a dedicated team of 30 professionals specialized in foreign trade marketing.

Participating in Trade Fair

Foshan,2023,Sep - Foshan Sheungyin harvest Aluminum Co.,LTD , a leading company in aluminum industry,recently participated in the 7th CHINA TRADE FAIR SOUTH AFRICA 2023 to showcase its leading aluminum products and solutions.

Meeting With Our Customers

Our general manager and project manager give a warm welcome and arranged a meticulous reception work for our customers. accompanied by the main person in charge of the department, our customers visited the company's production workshop, checking the on-site test operation, equipment. the company leadership makes detailed answers to our customers' various questions during the visit.Our customers are very impressive by our rich professional knowledge and the ability to work.

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